Small Business Administration Loan Guarantees Program

The Small Business Administration has established the Loan Guarantees Program wherein they aim to be able to provide guaranteed loans to small business establishments which are not capable of acquiring financing from a private credit marketplace but greatly manifests the ability to repay funds in a timely manner.

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Small Business Administration Resources for Veterans

The Small Business Administration offers various resources for veterans interested in starting, financing or growing their businesses.

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California Downpayment Assistance Program

The California Homebuyer’s Downpayment Assistance Program is a deferred payment junior loan that can be used in conjunction with other CalHFA housing programs.

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Historically Underutilized Business Zones

The Small Business Administration has established the Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) Empowerment Contracting Program wherein they aim to provide federal contracting assistance to eligible small business corporations which are located in underutilized business zones so as to improve their employment opportunities, investments, and their area’s economic development. The Small Business Administration will identify which businesses are eligible to receive HUBZone contracts and will then maintain a list of qualified HUBZone small businesses which federal agencies can then use to locate them.

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What You Need To Know About Benefits.Gov

The United States Federal Government launched the Website in 2002 in the hopes of providing every American with easy and convenient online access to government benefits and programs.

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How to Promote Products Online Through Internet Marketing

Basically, Internet marketing is an online advertising campaign wherein you sell your products and promote your services through various marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, or email marketing. If you have a solid experience in sales, you know that the value of a product or service is critical to the success of a business.

If you’re just starting your own small business and in the midst of developing your products, take note that there are only few kinds of products that will rake in revenue (although there are tons of products you can advertise and sell online).

There is a general consensus among experienced Internet marketers that the best ones to market online would be “evergreen” products. So, what are evergreen products? They’re the products that will often sell since they satisfy basic necessities and needs, and are always in season.

These products fall under the general classifications of money, health and love. People would often want more of these three than anything. So make sure you are championing products that are evergreen in make and have some basic know-how in Internet marketing. With these in mind, in less than a month’s time, you’ll attain your first-ever sale.

To find products or services that you need to promote online, you need to find marketplaces that cater to your niche. Clickbank and Markethealth are two of the leading product marketplaces you can find. Markethealth caters to health and beauty products for various health conditions like weight loss or eyelash growth. Clickbank is a source of dating guide information and finance-related products and services. You might need to sign up at these sites as an affiliate before you can kick off your promotional designs.

Affiliate programs typically fund their affiliates through Paypal. But, there are those that recompense only by checks, like Clickbank.

You can also look into Shopify, a complete hosting and ecommerce platform that enables you to organize your own shop, selling whatever you are offering without having to build your own site or spend tons of dollars getting your advertisements done.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your product promotions, you can simply turn to Ebay, which is still an awesome way to market your products online. You can run Ebay shops using its platform (which will cost you a bit) along with your other sites. Ebay will surely get your products in front of hundreds of potential customers since the site boasts millions of users on a regular basis.

If you’re dynamically selling products online, an excellent way of promoting your products is to get them placed on Google shopping results. Sometimes, the results are shown on the Google search results pages for countless product queries. It can be a brilliant way to increase business advantage by sending more traffic to your website, particularly if your business provides cheaper products compared to your competitors. You need to sign up at the Google Merchant Center to start using this platform.

In picking out a product, you also must need to consider two things: If there’s a continuing solid demand for the product you’re engaged in and if the competition isn’t too aggressive. However, products that have no competitors would mean nobody’s making a profit off of it.

Can Pinterest and YouTube Boost Online Sales?

You have a basic knowledge of Internet marketing and have added social media marketing into the fold. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones that businesses turn to obtain customer leads. However, have you considered using Pinterest and YouTube to promote your small business online?

If not, then the time is ripe to upload those videos and post high-quality images of your products or services to obtain easy online traffic. Both of these sites have the capacity to bring in thousands of visitors to your authority site every week. What you need to do is utilize them the right way.

The use of social media sites have become prevalent among Internet marketers because of the viral intensity that they emanate. Have you ever noticed that some YouTube videos have more than a million hits? Now, how does that occur?

Anytime someone uploads a video on YouTube and shares them on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, someone watches them, and is listed back to YouTube as one view.

If videos are entertaining (movie trailers, tv series, music videos, personal funny videos), informative (documentaries, educational clips) and useful (such as DIY crafts or cooking), your friends on these social media sites will ‘like’, ‘follow’, and also share them on their news feeds, thus creating a viral cycle where your friends’ friends and so forth, view them and do the same thing. You can see how quickly this effect can go off in just mere seconds.

Videos that usually incite viral movement are personal videos that are noteworthy and hilarious. These videos could be anything, from having extraordinary pets diving into the river to rescue their masters to laughing babies.

YouTube viewers also want to interact with people. So when they’re looking for a video, interaction is what they’re seeking for. However, there are cases where some videos other than a conversation video can produce tons of views. That type of video is what you call a screencast.

The same rings true for Pinterest. The site usually features high-quality images more than videos (although you can upload videos on-site). These images are viewed by millions of end users and these users would try to pin images that are interesting to them. The viral effect is brought upon by users who are repinning pinned images to their boards. Each time someone repinned an image, a link to your site also comes with it and will be clicked!

Pins that get the most repins include recipes, DIY arts, crafts and decorating, fashion, inspirational quotes, celebrities, pets, and children. If you are involved in one of these aforementioned niches, you can expect to gain traffic from the Pinterest audience. But even if you have a different niche, just use images in high quality and your profile could work very well.

Using YouTube and Pinterest are excellent resources to earn a stream of traffic back to your site. Remember that in Internet marketing, more generated traffic means more generated sales.

Advantages of Internet Marketing to Local Businesses

Many small businesses are learning that if they want to level the playing field with the bigwigs, they need to come up with effective marketing strategies. One such marketing strategy is Internet marketing. Small business owners are now realizing the importance of dabbling in Internet marketing and the advantages this strategy provides in terms of generating customer and sales leads.

But first, what is Internet marketing? Internet marketing simply means online advertising. It also pertains to e-commerce or e-marketing. Not only is this marketing strategy affordable, it’s highly effective and an excellent way to grow and expand your small business.

Yet, Internet marketing is not only used to promote your local community flower shop. Internet marketing is being utilized by entrepreneurs, executives, network marketers, home business owners and anyone else who longs to get their brand name out efficiently and quickly into the marketplace, from anywhere to anyone in the world.

Internet marketing may appear intimidating to tackle on your own. Without the necessary knowledge and right tools and resources at your disposal, this marketing approach could feel overwhelming. But if you take the time to understand its objectives and seek for the appropriate tools and training, Internet marketing will be a lot easier to deal with.

Initially, it’s vital to be familiar with Internet marketing, its goals and benefits. One thing you need to understand is that Internet marketing has a lot to do with search engines. A LOT. Search engines matter in promoting your business as well as having your brand rank highly. Whenever potential customers type in your business name, search engines look it up.

Another advantage is that Internet marketing provides companies ways to track their progress through promotions, daily ads, and sales. It makes your marketing assessable, where you can identify what is working and what isn’t. When you have learned about your marketing outcomes, you can adjust accordingly. Plus, you can target a certain demographic to make your marketing efforts more focused and more successful.

It’s also important because when someone searches online for the sort of business that you have, your listing will crop up with a map so potential clients can see exactly where your company is located in the area.

Another Internet marketing benefit is that you can create an email marketing campaign to designate e-newsletters to help grow your customer base. This approach can keep past customers informed and they will be reminded of your products and services, thus making them come back for more. This also makes it easier to showcase new products and services at a fraction of the cost compared to sending out flyers or traditional printed banners and newsletters.

Additionally, with Internet marketing, your days of having boxes of flyers strewn across your office, cold calling clients to remind them about your products or services, and lugging around printed advertisements to hand out to potential customers are a thing of the past. Through Internet marketing, you can expose and market your brand all over the world depending on your business type or situation.

Indeed, there are many pros to Internet marketing. If you’re all fired up to get your business from the ground up, this is the marketing solution you need.