Advantages of Internet Marketing to Local Businesses

Many small businesses are learning that if they want to level the playing field with the bigwigs, they need to come up with effective marketing strategies. One such marketing strategy is Internet marketing. Small business owners are now realizing the importance of dabbling in Internet marketing and the advantages this strategy provides in terms of generating customer and sales leads.

But first, what is Internet marketing? Internet marketing simply means online advertising. It also pertains to e-commerce or e-marketing. Not only is this marketing strategy affordable, it’s highly effective and an excellent way to grow and expand your small business.

Yet, Internet marketing is not only used to promote your local community flower shop. Internet marketing is being utilized by entrepreneurs, executives, network marketers, home business owners and anyone else who longs to get their brand name out efficiently and quickly into the marketplace, from anywhere to anyone in the world.

Internet marketing may appear intimidating to tackle on your own. Without the necessary knowledge and right tools and resources at your disposal, this marketing approach could feel overwhelming. But if you take the time to understand its objectives and seek for the appropriate tools and training, Internet marketing will be a lot easier to deal with.

Initially, it’s vital to be familiar with Internet marketing, its goals and benefits. One thing you need to understand is that Internet marketing has a lot to do with search engines. A LOT. Search engines matter in promoting your business as well as having your brand rank highly. Whenever potential customers type in your business name, search engines look it up.

Another advantage is that Internet marketing provides companies ways to track their progress through promotions, daily ads, and sales. It makes your marketing assessable, where you can identify what is working and what isn’t. When you have learned about your marketing outcomes, you can adjust accordingly. Plus, you can target a certain demographic to make your marketing efforts more focused and more successful.

It’s also important because when someone searches online for the sort of business that you have, your listing will crop up with a map so potential clients can see exactly where your company is located in the area.

Another Internet marketing benefit is that you can create an email marketing campaign to designate e-newsletters to help grow your customer base. This approach can keep past customers informed and they will be reminded of your products and services, thus making them come back for more. This also makes it easier to showcase new products and services at a fraction of the cost compared to sending out flyers or traditional printed banners and newsletters.

Additionally, with Internet marketing, your days of having boxes of flyers strewn across your office, cold calling clients to remind them about your products or services, and lugging around printed advertisements to hand out to potential customers are a thing of the past. Through Internet marketing, you can expose and market your brand all over the world depending on your business type or situation.

Indeed, there are many pros to Internet marketing. If you’re all fired up to get your business from the ground up, this is the marketing solution you need.

Succeeding at Internet Marketing as a Small Business Owner

Plenty of small business owners have succeeded in developing, selling, and advertising their products and services through Internet marketing.

One of the key reasons that these business owners are able to produce tons of money is because they understand how everyone is interconnected online. They take advantage of that interconnectedness through their websites, blogs and social media platforms.

Internet marketing may appear overwhelming, but it’s not as hard a task as it seems to be. If you have a product to promote and sell, and have a technique in generating targeted visitors to your websites, you can make some revenue, even a full-time income if possible, on the Internet.

To engage in Internet marketing, all you have to do is have a presence online. Look for ways on how to build a quality, user-friendly website that will act as an authority site. Once you have your own official website, you can use these handy tips to obtain your targeted visitors and generate traffic.


You’re all set  to dabble in Internet marketing and have scoured sites that offer courses on it. However, you’re lacking in funds right now. You’ve just paid a hefty price for that web developer you’ve employed to build your website. So, what now?

Small business owners have turned to government grants to obtain financial assistance and mentoring support. Funding opportunities such as business grants for women, grants for minority first-time business owners, and business loans and counseling for retired professionals are readily available.


Once you have gained adequate funds, focus on using the money to create a solid advertising scheme. Traditional businesses have advertised through newspapers or classifieds to lure in potential customers. However, there are ways on how to earn traction through social media advertising. It’s a very feasible way to post your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like. Exploit that interconnectedness by sharing your product ideas, business concepts, even asking for tips and feedback from your audience. People will want to follow you more and get curious with your brand if you engage with them on a regular basis. You can earn substantial income by merely posting updates on social media sites every day.

You can also advertise without the need for handing out flyers. A site like Craigslist enables you to post an ad for whatever it is you want to promote or sell to a specific location. Provide the link to your website and create an interesting ad about the items or services you are offering.


Last, but not least, is content writing and submission. While this used to be more lucrative, it’s crucial to compose unique articles that will cause search engines to index your content information. If have tremendously unique keywords, which are called long tail keywords, you’ll be able to easily obtain a decent Google ranking for specific keywords that you have selected.

By following these three tips for your Internet marketing efforts, you should be able to create enough traffic to make your small business venture meaningful and, with any luck, more cost-effective.

Why Content Matters in Internet Marketing

“Content is king” is already an overused phrase in SEO and Internet marketing practices. But, it still rings true up to this day. Why? Blame it all on Google’s search algorithms: the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. While Google PageRank still is the chief ranking system, where it measures the amount of links to and from a website, unique and original content still matters.

The Panda has become the codeword for recent changes in ranking algorithms where Google ranked sites utilizing texts and keywords embedded on individual pages. This means that a page with tons of text that incorporate keywords an end user was searching for would rank high in search results. However practical it was, it backfired.

Users would cash in on that system and stuff tons of keywords on their websites. Some website owners would cram keyword phrases hundreds of times on single pages and sometimes cheat by way of scraper sites.

By web scraping, these website owners would steal content, copy and paste it, thus creating duplicate articles. Then they would place ads on their sites, which could be built automatically by the hundreds and would deceive search engines. This results into seconding the visitor who would be clicking on the ads, providing the revenue for the scraper site.

Google swiftly adjusted Panda again and now sought for complete articles, thus ignoring the copy and pasters. However, spun content have cropped up using spinning tools. Spinning software is designed to develop articles that incorporate the keywords. Google’s search spiders are only automatons that would not know the difference between spun articles and actual, original articles.

Until recently, Google has changed its search algorithms again by studying and using human test subjects while they browsed websites and ranked them by speed, quality, trustworthiness, design, etc. Panda’s learning algorithm is now influenced by the tests people have conducted to learn and spot actual articles from spun content, high quality sites from low quality, scraper sites.

In 2012, Google has brought Penguin into the fold. Along with a Panda update, the new search algorithm has banned sites that have infringed on websmaster guidelines. Keyword stuffing, fake, duplicated articles, link schemes, scraper sites, and other black hat search engine optimization (SEO) practices are now being ignored and prohibited.

In 2013, Google has announced the Hummingbird. According to Google, Hummingbird pays particular attention to each word, which ensures that the whole sentence or context is addressed. This means that the usage of keyword synonyms have been enhanced with Hummingbird. Now, Google exhibits theme-related results rather than listing results with exact keywords or phrases.

With Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird in tow, Google only addresses legit, quality sites. So, in order to obtain good site rankings and decent traffic, websites got to have genuine subject information that it promotes. Also required are genuine articles written by real human writers. The more actual and original articles and blog posts with relevant keywords, the higher the ranking.

The new search algorithm updates have established the need for site owners to bring up-to-date their websites with tons of useful, original content. This proves beneficial to the end user who just want to input a keyword and get a decent search result.

The Secrets to Growing Your Internet Marketing Business

Online Marketing

If you are already dabbling in Internet Marketing and earning some revenue online with your website, you know that you can grow your business by merely following inside secrets that most Internet marketers use to successfully boost their profits online.

If you want to learn what these secret nuggets are, read below to find out:

Build more websites

You simply cannot just depend on one website to boost your earnings through online traffic. It’s time to build another website that’s related to your niche. While some Internet marketers will urge you to build a website in a different industry, if you decided to go for it, then ensure that thorough research is performed.

For example, you are delving into the philanthropy sector. You introduce the freshest grants available from charitable organizations. Add to the mix some federal funding opportunities while you’re at it. Dedicate a site that offers information about the various grants available from the federal government, such as small business grants for women, financial aid for college students, funding for veterans, etc. Build additional websites until you have reached your revenue goals. Internet marketers prefer building at least 50 to 100 sites if you can just to get your brand out and earn massive income.

Curate content

Experienced Internet marketers and business owners think it wise to constantly whip up unique articles every time. However, the fact is that numerous publishers of high-traffic websites do not post unique articles. Instead, they simply search and gather content like texts, images, and videos from other websites and write a few short paragraphs as intro and outro.

While it’s surprising to know that building 50 t 100 websites is crucial, you don’t have to worry since there are lots of tools, resources and platforms available to help you curate your content for all of your websites.

Mind the keywords

Although embedding a keyword is still critical in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article, don’t overstuff it with keywords or search engines can penalize you for that. Make sure that you know who your target audience is and what is in their minds when they’re searching for that particular keyword.

While there are some keywords that specify a person is only seeking for more information online, there are keywords that signal that potential customers are ready to purchase.

If you wish to make tons of money online, it’s critical that you determine buyer keywords. Of course, you’ll need to have a background in SEO and understand how your website can be placed on top of Google searches.

Create email lists

Successful Internet marketers will convey that the money comes in the email list. There’s a reason for creating a list and building a relationship with your list. Take note that you are selling your products or services to potential customers online, not automatons, so it’s imperative that you build a relationship with them. Express to people that you actually care about them by sharing useful and relevant information in your emails.

Provide what your potential customers can expect from you and the benefits that can be gained from your products or services. However, before that, you should send at least four emails consistently before sending them a notification that promotes a particular product or service. Even with sales emails, ensure that you’re not doing any hard selling.