Can Pinterest and YouTube Boost Online Sales?

You have a basic knowledge of Internet marketing and have added social media marketing into the fold. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones that businesses turn to obtain customer leads. However, have you considered using Pinterest and YouTube to promote your small business online?

If not, then the time is ripe to upload those videos and post high-quality images of your products or services to obtain easy online traffic. Both of these sites have the capacity to bring in thousands of visitors to your authority site every week. What you need to do is utilize them the right way.

The use of social media sites have become prevalent among Internet marketers because of the viral intensity that they emanate. Have you ever noticed that some YouTube videos have more than a million hits? Now, how does that occur?

Anytime someone uploads a video on YouTube and shares them on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, someone watches them, and is listed back to YouTube as one view.

If videos are entertaining (movie trailers, tv series, music videos, personal funny videos), informative (documentaries, educational clips) and useful (such as DIY crafts or cooking), your friends on these social media sites will ‘like’, ‘follow’, and also share them on their news feeds, thus creating a viral cycle where your friends’ friends and so forth, view them and do the same thing. You can see how quickly this effect can go off in just mere seconds.

Videos that usually incite viral movement are personal videos that are noteworthy and hilarious. These videos could be anything, from having extraordinary pets diving into the river to rescue their masters to laughing babies.

YouTube viewers also want to interact with people. So when they’re looking for a video, interaction is what they’re seeking for. However, there are cases where some videos other than a conversation video can produce tons of views. That type of video is what you call a screencast.

The same rings true for Pinterest. The site usually features high-quality images more than videos (although you can upload videos on-site). These images are viewed by millions of end users and these users would try to pin images that are interesting to them. The viral effect is brought upon by users who are repinning pinned images to their boards. Each time someone repinned an image, a link to your site also comes with it and will be clicked!

Pins that get the most repins include recipes, DIY arts, crafts and decorating, fashion, inspirational quotes, celebrities, pets, and children. If you are involved in one of these aforementioned niches, you can expect to gain traffic from the Pinterest audience. But even if you have a different niche, just use images in high quality and your profile could work very well.

Using YouTube and Pinterest are excellent resources to earn a stream of traffic back to your site. Remember that in Internet marketing, more generated traffic means more generated sales.